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We are (a) family business centered on expression, culture, body positivity, resistance and courage as a platform to address structural issues that impacts communities' globally.



Poesia MariArte

Founder & CEO; Fashion & Graphic Designer based in Occupied Coast Salish Territory. Born in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero and raised in the Pacific Northwest, graduated from the University of Washington-Seattle in 2010. A Published Writer featured in  Chapter 9: Travels of a Diaspora Community: From La Sierra Madre Y Tierra Caliente to the Pacific Northwest” MEXICAN-ORIGIN FOODS, FOODWAYS, AND SOCIAL MOVEMENTS: A DECOLONIAL PRESPECTIVES, The University of Arkansas Press 2017; Publication “Xin Fronteras”, Seattle Journal for Social Justice: Vol.10: Iss.1, Article 28. 2011. Seattle University School of Law.


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