Maria Luisa Guillen Valdovinos (Poesia Mariarte) was born in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero Mexico and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Poesia Mariarte is (a) visual creative thinker/artist, illustrator, graphic designer, writer, educator/art therapist and Indigenous Rights Observer in environmental, food, and social justice movements. Art ingrained in cultural experience, she graduated in 2010 from the University of Washington in Bio-Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Women,Gender & Sexuality Studies. While studying abroad in Lima, Peru; Maria Luisa learned about graffiti and muralism in Latin America and its impact on social movements from Jorge Miyagui and after years of drawing flowers in biology projects begun building creatively in cultural political movements in 2009. A Published Writer in Mexican-Origin Foods, Foodways, And Social Movements: A Decolonial Perspectives, The University of Arkansas Press 2017. Maria Luisa art is inspired by Afro-Indigenous cultures and the Zapatistas vision of art in building autonomy and freedom. Currently in the process of becoming (a) cultural tattoo artist, Poesia Mariarte aspires to lifetime of creative expression: (a) journey of joy.